Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Weighing scales

Any certain object, quantity or mass is measured of its weight with the help of equipments called as weighing scale. There are a number of purposes for which weighing scales are used
  • In order to determine the weight of a patient by a medical authority
  • At the market to measure weight of foodstuffs
  • To determine the weight of the luggage of a passenger
  • For getting to know the weight of cargo
  • In laboratories to measure chemicals
  • Determining the weight of a submarine before making it ready for service deployment
  • In farmhouses to measure the animals among others

Hence, weighing scales are of great importance to the overall economy of any country due to their wide ranging uses. There are different weighing scales and all have their uses . Below are a few examples of the different types of weighing scales .

  • The Floor Scales: The floor scales the scales used by placing them on the floor. These are the most known scales as most people have used one at some point in time . As an example, these types of scales are used by the farmers in order to determine the weight of their cattle and other farm animals. When an object is placed on a floor scale, the lever (which is within the scale) accumulates at the top of a spring within the same machine and when pressure (in this case weight) is mounted on the spring, the lever for measuring rotates in line with the objects weight and thus enabling one to see the actual weight of the object through the peak of the glass window .
  • Digital Scales: These are the kind of weighing scales which weigh an object and evaluate the object in a digital format . Such weighing scales are commonly used in the US's postal services and also the UPS . These digital scales trace a portion of weight for a unit of measure .
  • The Talking Scales: These scales are mostly used by the blind that have to measure objects either at home or work . They talk out the result to the person using it. They can also be used in industrial surroundings .
  • The Shipping Scales: When using such a scale, the measurement standards, which are normally certified by the government, are used . Shipping scales are normally used in the weighing of objects in terms of pounces .

Most people confuse a balancing scale with a spring scale . Sure, both are scales, but they have very different compositions and also have different measuring units .
  1. Spring scales run on the principle that when there is a defection the spring, an object is kept on it for measurement. Scales measure weight .
  2. A balance scale uses the sample weight to compare the arm torque using a lever which is horizontal A horizontal lever is used to show the weight in case of a balancing scale. Balances measure gravitational mass .
So, whether you want to weigh your weight or that of a cargo, freight, or even merchandise, there is always the right weighing scales for such and all you have to do is shop around . The prices for different scales are different.


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